False positive. How to make Comodo leave my app alone?

Hello, friends.

I need some help here. Comodo is detecting an application as malware and putting it on Quarantine. I tried removing from quarantine, also indicating the application as trusted, and it doesn’t help. Comodo breaks the app and I have to reinstall it, but I can only use it by disabling all Comodo systems first.

How do I make Comodo leave the software alone forever?

I know it is a false alarm because it is a professional tool. It’s called Logiterm, by Terminotix.

Please submit it as a false positive through this page. To do so you may need to temporarily need to disable the AV (don’t forget to enable it once reporting is finished) and remove the app from quarantine.

Comodo staff will analyze the file and let you know when the false positive is fixed via email. This should not take too long.

Ah yes, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Pretty easy.