false positive hasn't been solved

i had reported a false positive to comodo.it’s a installer of a software.when i run this installer,comodo would found “virus” on my computer.later comodo replied me:

This is to inform you that false-positive with <mt5setup.exe> (SHA1: <460b096ad6d7f31660cec8f259b8af258efbb09d>)
has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <14818> of Comodo Internet Security
Version<6.0.260739.2674> and confirm it.


Kind Regards,
Erik M.
Comodo AntiVirus Lab

so i updated my comodo cis to the latest version,and tried to run the file again,but comodo still found “virus” during the installation.so i guess comodo hasn’t really solved this false positive.that’s the porblem.

Here is VT link

the vtlink means nothing at all about the problem i reported.cis has never detected the file mt5setup.exe as a virus.but only detect “virus” when i run the file mt5setup.exe on my computer.mt5setup.exe is a installer of a software.during the installation ,it would download data from the internet.that maybe the reason to let comodo have false positive.

you can try to run the file mt5setup.exe on your computer with a broadband internet connection.and u would found cis detects “virus”.

Resubmit the file with the app in quetion, and explain that you need to run the file etc …
Submit it here

well,i had resubmitted the file before i started the topic.and now i 've just resubmitted the file for the second time.really hope this problem can be solved.

Hello sdfsadfdfs,

We have received your submissions. A fix for this False Positive will be available soon. Thank you!

Best regards,

Hello sdfsadfdfs,

Please update your CIS to database version 14912 and let us know if the issue is still present. Thank you!

Best regards,

well,i have updated the virus definition to the version 14919 .but the same problem still exsist.

so i ran the file mt5setup.exe on my computer again.during the in stallation,it generated a file called Uninstall.exe .and cis detects it as virus.so i quarantined the file Uninstall.exe and sent it to comodo as a report of flase positive.

and today i recieved the email from cis:

This is to inform you that false-positive with Uninstall.exe (SHA1:69217947f51065524eb9ed2fd2547f20f1dae534) has been fixed. You can update to AV database Version 14923 of Comodo Internet Security Version 6.0.260739.2674 and confirm it.

Florin Gogoseanu
Comodo Antivirus Lab

i updated the virus definition database to the version 14931 and went back to ran the file mt5setup.exe again on my computer.however comodo cis still detects the file Uninstall.exe as a “virus”.
so what’s wroung with it?

and here is the vtlink:


Please check again using 14936 database. Thank you!

Best regards,

well,all the problems have been fixed,thank u ,comodo