False positive from the new malware heuristic analysis?

I got the attached alert when installing Adobe Shockwave Player. I don’t think it was really malicious, coming from Adobe, anyway the installation went through without my actually authorizing the connection. I’d like to submit it to Comodo, but being a temporary file it disappeared immediately.

[attachment deleted by admin]

i don’t trust CFP’s heuristic analyzer, and seems that Melih doesn’t either :-)))))) “heurisctics: is just glorified signatures” (c)
i myself am a heuristic analyzer so i don’t need neither CFP’s nor NOD32’s heuristics :-))))

anyway, if you installed that from adobe website - there’s nothing to worry about, believe me :-))))

I’ve had plenty of these alerts on “potential malware” while installing plugins to a Spam Filter…I got worried with the first alert, and then not anymore :SMLR

Yes, I’m fairly convinced that it’s nothing malicious, it was mainly in case the Comodo crew wanted to check it out. Too bad I don’t have that file any longer.

Adobe is one of those software that need to create new temp files during installation. After installation, they should disappear and you can tell by purging.