False positive from Symantec

Source: C:\Users\Hardhead\Downloads\CBO_Setup_4.24.exe
Risk category: Virus
Overall Risk Impact: High
Performance: 1
Privacy: 1185998101
Click for more information about this risk : Infostealer.Uprungam.B
Action taken: Fully removed

Greetings Hardhead,

Did you download the file from Comodo’s website?
If you did, then you should contact Symantec thru their forum or mail about this.


Looks like both Symantec and Ikarus are having FP’s on CBO.

File CBO_Setup_4.24final.exe received on 08.01.2007 22:42:46 (CET)

Ikarus T3.1.1.8 2007.08.01 Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.CA
Symantec 10 2007.08.01 Infostealer.Uprungam.B

File size: 1218120 bytes
MD5: 0d288d1d79ec07169613790d7beef896
SHA1: d88646a7f199a976368a19ec0f1eeea17bb544d4
packers: RAR

It will be reported ASAP.