False Positive for System Checkup ? showing what is says for Comodo CA

Hi all.

I ran a scan on my system with System Checkup and this showed up for CIS 7.0

also is it false if so I will ignore. If it’s not false and it’s a bug, how do I fix

Info in Capture.



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Is that a feature of CIS? If its 3rd party, then its definitely a false positive for that app.

Otherwise, I’d think its a bug in CIS.

The explanation that it gives is a generic comment which does not make clear why Comodo CA is not to be trusted: “Trusted Publishers are capable of installing Active X applications on your computer allowing the publisher to gather high-security information about you and your computer habits”

This is a third party’s application with which I am not familiar in any way or kind so I would suggest to consult their community about this. I think it is strange it is flagged because Comodo CA is not known to be compromised. If that would be the case that would be big news. I think it’s a false positive from System Checkup.

Nigel, I changed the topic title to reflect your question is about Comodo CA and not about CIS.

Hi EricJH,

First of all thanks for changing the title and moving it over to this section.

Over this System Cleanup Software it’s been around for years, and it’s part of System Mechanic

I do agree with you over Comodo.

However I think will ignore what it says! Because if I register it, “It fixes all the issues” So basically it is a Con!! Just to get you to use their software.

So best think I will hang fire for a bit until I UnInstall that software.



I wouldn’t go as far as calling it is a con. System Mechanic has been around for more than a decade. It is likely a false positive on their end.

Further enough EricJH.

However, I have removed System Checkup! since it wanted money to register it. I know there are better system cleaners out there that are better



For system cleaning there are enough free programs that do a very good job. Getting rid off paid programs in this field is a sane economic choice.