false positive / exclusions not working

Comodo apparently just blocked my modem software.
I’m pretty surprised, since I use it all the time.
I guess its a false positive, right after comodo updated its database. (Or else someone managed to disguise a virus very cunningly… hopefully not though)

It alerted me to a “virus” relating to my modem software.
Then I could not connect to the interent at all.
Comodo refused to respond at all when I clicked on “ignore once,” so I had to click on ignore always.
After adding the flagged file to my exclusion list, I still could not connect to the internet.
Only when I completely disabled the scanner could I connect to the internet!

Can you please report the executable(s) in question here:

Make sure to select File Type: False Positive.

I tried to upload the file but received numerous server error messages.

I still find it problematic that COMODO fails to respond to instructions. If I click on the “ignore once” option, the GUI remains on screen, as if nothing happened. I need to click on “add to exclusions” before the programme responds. I don’t like being ignored, particularly by my AV.

And it shouldn’t have continued to block the executable in question once I had added it to the exclusion list (without even telling me that anything was being blocked) - I shouldn’t have had to turn off my AV completely in order to let the file run. COMODO does, apparently, let the excluded files run, but only after a system restart, which is less than satisfactory.

I agree to the “Ignore Once” it’s a known issue and dev’s have it on their list, it has something to do with how many call’s windows makes to the file, normally 4 times “ignore once” is enough to let it ignore…

Here are more ways to report FP’s: