False Positive: ERUNT (Heur.Packed.Unknown)

I use ERUNT as a scheduled task to backup my registry each day. In the creation of the daily registry backup by ERUNT, an .exe file called ERDNT.EXE is installed in the daily registry backup folder (This file executes the restore of the registry files if needed). ERUNT allow you to customize the number of backups you want to maintain up to 30. During a virus scan from CIS, this file (ERDNT.EXE) was flagged as a virus (Heur.Packed.Unknown) in all 30-backup folders. Since ERUNT creates these backup folders on a daily basis (adds new folder and rumoves oldest folder), the AV scanner flags this file each day (so I’m unable to make the problem go away). I’ve tried putting these folders/files under My Protected Files in the hope that they would be ignored, but nothing changed.

That’s why I’m reporting this as a false positive so that it can be fixed by the program itself.

Thank you.

PS: Great product. I’ve used the firewall for a long time but held out on the AV component until it was further developed. I’m amazed how light the program is on CPU, resources, and memory (even with CMF enabled). The speed in the virus scanning is really exceptional. I’ve run Avast for a long time, and CIS is able to complete the “My Compute” scan is 1/3 the time that Avast did. Can’t wait for the inclusion of BOClean. -SA Jack

Hi SA Jack,

This has been fixed, please update to latest CIS V477 and update virus signature database to latest.