False Positive detection


I am a professional computer programmer and I am having trouble with your AV software.

I have written a car diagnostics system, designed to display live data from a vehicle, also you can
reset the engine warning light.

The stated virus (false positive) is:

The false positive is on all the files in the system and on even simple programs such as open a window, print “hello”, and wait for a user to close it.

My machine is 100 percent clean, trust me I know.

I have had to create a temp website for customers to download from which is:

Apart from ByteHero, which I still cannot find a way to contact, all other AV software states that my
software is clean (which I know, I wrote it).

I use the Virus Total website to scan my software.
Attached is a typical screenshot, and here is the link to it:

I create my software with resources added such as company name, product name etc.

Please help as soon as possible, as this is causing problems.

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Hi andy1966,

Please submit the detected sample to us so we can check them.


Hi Navya,

Attached are samples of the car diagnostics software I wrote, they are in a zip file to make it easier.

Also included is a simple program called “awindow.exe” that I would also like you to look at as i cannot understand why even the simplest of programs are being flagged by Comodo.

Please note, I may update these programs at a later date, and don’t want to have to re-submit
if that’s possible.


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Hi andy1966,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.


Hello andy1966,

These FPs have been fixed with DB v21044.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply.

Your fix is only for the submitted .exe files - these will require updates.

I have modified 2 of them and again they are being flagged by yourselves, because the SHA for them changes.

So this really is not a fix for me.

What can we do about it? and why is Comodo still giving false positives on the modified versions?

Reporting false positives to you is taking many hours of work due to compiling, scanning and replying on this forum.