False positive detection for LiteManager

Good day! I am a developer of the program LiteManager, our main file of the program LiteManager, detected as

there are no any Dangerous or malicious features for User , also all executable files of our program are signed by a digital certificate. We have done a lot of work on our program to eliminate its harmful use. The request to exclude false positive on the file.

Link to the file

If it possible, please add version 4.9 of LiteManager to the white list.
It is 100% legal software.
Best Regards!

VirusTotal report


Thanks for reporting this.
We’ll check it.

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Erik M.


Thank you for your submission.
Applications found to be potentially unsafe;not suitable for whitelisting.
if you intent to use it further,you can add it to exclusion list.

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It is possible to recategorize detection for example on not-a-virus.Remote.Admin or something similar.

Hi Chunli,
I get why any Remote Access Application can be potentially unsafe.
Can you enlighten me why LiteManager is different to Teamviewer? (and others)
They are both Remote Access Applications, however Teamviewer passes Comodo tests.


It still detected as

Not friendly for end User, possible change to RemoteAdmin or LiteManager.Riskware, more readable for users ?

Hope on your help!


We are looking into this and will provide a feedback soon.

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Hi all!
I just want to notify about false positive detection on one of our files, ROMFusClient.exe


Please recategorize it to Unwanted or not-a-virus.RemoteAdmin

Hi Litemanager,

The Detection name is updated.

Best Regards,
Abinaya R

Its me again, please fix detection for ROMViewer.exe, false positive or recategory it
ROMViewer - absolutaly safe for end user


Virus total

Sorry for intrusion, but remote access applications, allows malicious people to access, modify, remove, send sensitive data such as user and password, bank account data …
In my humble opinion remote access applications should not be considered safe;

Exemples; ardamax keyloggers, trojansrat, Teamviewer…

Companies and developers may be suitable, but anyone who makes use of their applications!

I agree. But also think that blocking it as a PUP or Malicious is the wrong way to go about it. E.g. If you unblock a RAT to use for legit reasons, then someone exploits it via another safe app, then you may not be alerted at all.

Therefore I think HIPS should always ask for permission to run Remote Access Tools. Or at the very least show a notification.

Just look at ROMViewer.exe it is main module for admin, it make control on the remote side but not for itself,
ROMViewer - absolutaly safe for end user

Viewer main window