False positive detected on Tube Dimmer app _US


We are facing an issue with one of our client installer.

To reproduce the problem, download and install the file attached. A threat ‘Setup.exe’ could not be recognized and requested unlimited access to the computer was found while installation.

Threat Name: Access Alert Detected
Your Product details :- Comodo Internet Security Premium
Product version :- 6.3.297838.2953
Database Version :- 17341

We have tested it at our end and found nothing malicious either with the file or with the URL.

Can you please re-investigate and fix this issue.

Thank you.

P.S -The file is in a zipped container and is password protected with ‘infected’. Also, the extension of the file has been suffixed with .removeme. Please remove the extension ‘.removeme’ after unzipping the file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

:o … At least you reported in the correct thread now.

Yes thanks for your assistance, but I am expecting some good responses from Comodo. !!

They are going to reply to your requests soon don’t worry.