False positive detected on Tube Dimmer app _FR


We are facing an issue with one of our client installer.

To reproduce the problem, download and install the file attached. A threat ‘Setup.exe’ could not be recognized and requested unlimited access to the computer was found while installation.

Threat Name: Access Alert Detected
Your Product details :- Comodo Internet Security Premium
Product version :- 6.3.297838.2953
Database Version :- 17347

We have tested it at our end and found nothing malicious either with the file or with the URL.

Can you please re-investigate and fix this issue.

Thank you.

P.S -The file is in a zipped container and is password protected with ‘infected’. Also, the extension of the file has been suffixed with .removeme. Please remove the extension ‘.removeme’ after unzipping the file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

For the third time…you are posting in the wrong topic.
Where do you see AV detection?

Submit your app here…

okay got it !!

Hi Dhananjay,

The file submitted by you has been verified, File is not detected as malware.
However, we are not supposed to whitelist this file.
If you plan to use this application, You add it to exclusion list.

Thank you.