False positive detected on scan [Resolved]

I usually don’t have problem but I have my Av set to scan on MWF, and this moring it had detected some legit program that had been on my pc a while such as emailstripper,winrar, etc. I had to reinstall them again. How do I stop this. I am running the latest firewall & Av. all stats are in sig. Thanks for any respond in advance.

Dear ronnycopeh,

you can send your FP’s over here
Please follow the guide that is describing on how to do it

yours sincerely,

Thanks I deleted everthing and reinstall, would it be wise to start a new scan and see if they are detected and then submit them

Yes, please do so, but there is of course a chance that it won’t be detected again.


Yes, you were right, nothing detected, thanks for the info in the future. One thing about Comodo, the support team is always on top of things and ready to help solve and make this software the best

Always happy to help