False positive CIS AV and Defense+

CIS still marks Super Media File Converter (SUPER ©   Video Converter | Video Encoder | Free 3D Video Converter | Free 3D Video Encoder) and its installer to malware and prevents it to start, getting that program to work at least somewhat normally it is needed to add to trusted files in D+ (still not checking updates even after adding super.exe to FW’s trusted files).

1st time (?) this was reported soon 2 years ago https://forums.comodo.com/av-false-positivenegative-detection-reporting/super-video-converter-t58020.0.html and more recently feb 11th 2012 https://forums.comodo.com/defense-sandbox-help-cis/defence-detects-some-programs-as-installerupdater-that-are-not-installers-t81895.0.html.

Hi cuser,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

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Erik M.

Hi cuser,

This is to inform you that False-Positive with SHA1: has been fixed in the AV database version <11963>.
You can update your Comodo Internet Security Version<5.10.228257.2253> to the latest AV database version and confirm.


yea CIS AV doesn’t anymore say that Super’s installation file (or super.exe) has malware but everytime I start Super I get Access Violation-error and after I press ok Super starts and I can convert mediafiles if I want but still it doesn’t check updates when closing it.