False Positive- Borderlands 2: Steam

When I installed Borderlands 2 through steam when it got to the “Completing Installation 1%” CIS detects it’s temp file as Heur.Packed.Unknown[at]4294967295

Location: C:\Users%username%\appdata\local\temp~58EC.tmp

Virus Database Version: 13626

VirusTotal- VirusTotal


Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

Best regards

this’s a packed Which detected By Heuristric

False positive after i analysis it
But waitt comodo Answer

Hi TJ888,

This FP has been fixed in DB 13630. Please update and confirm it.


All good awesome.

Edit: With the new update to Borderlands 2 the tmp files get detected again.

File name- ~343B
Virus Database- 13657
Detected- Heur.Packed.Unknown@4294967295 (same as before)

Hi TJ888,

Please submit the detected files at Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year. So we can check it.


I don’t have it anymore as it is a tmp file when installing Borderlands 2