False positive and quarantaine

It might be interesting to put in the default options for the antivirus quarantine, because despite the effort on the viral detection there is a lot of false positives. In short, in case of false positive and quarantined, following an updated virus and therefore the correction of these false positives, they will be released from quarantine. To err is human after all but if it is a false positive and that the quarantine is not checked, um …

Just verifying your wish;

If File A in quarantine list and then Virus Database Update states that FP A is Safe then automatically “Restore” File A …

I think this is a good idea.


Yes sorry bad english ;D

I agree with this wish :-TU.
In fact it was and Intelligent one, I never taught about this.


This would make a significant reduction of false positives and especially avoid making the system due to improper instation detection (y 'he already had the case with other antivirus) but should put Quarantine active by default because it did today 'there is not. This would also allow the submission of suspicious files automatically and can be back once tested. In any case it is a pleasure to see that this idea is appreciated, even if Comodo Internet Security has bugs, flaws (like many others besides) it remains an excellent software I use since the Version 2.4. Thank you.

I like the idea. :-TU But if that change will take place then I think that comodo should have autoquarantine on.

Valentin N

Auto-quarantine ?? It’s called sandbox :stuck_out_tongue:

But You can enable such option in AV Settings (CIS > AV > AV Settings > Automatically Quarantine threats :slight_smile:


I mean that Automatically Quarantine threats should be on :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Good idea. Please add a poll so I can vote for it.

Why? When any of the items in the quarantine are no longer detected CIS could have a popup that alerts you to this and asks you how you would like to proceed.

I don’t see why it should be necessary to have “Automatically Quarantine Threats” on by default.

This will be on and avoid a false positive on a file important (as if there There’s some time with avg and others probably) and then restore the file without fear. To error is human after all but I think this will prevent the deletion of a file that should not be.