false positive and a bug in the AV!


I have a safe file, when i compress it, comodo AV detects malware as: Malware[at]#5fdqmc8ckx04
This is a false positive and also i think it is a bug that related to the antivirus.

The file attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello Wisdom,

Thank you for reporting. We’ll check this.

Best regards,

Hi Wisdom,

This is to inform you that reported false positive with SHA1: 63991b2c4d02db6aeee1ff91760d9b55a30e3d5d has been fixed in the AV database version 11979 of Comodo Internet Security <5.10.228257.2253>. You can update to the latest AV database version and confirm it.


fixed, thanks :-TU