False Positive ALZIP

This is Sun Cheol Bak at ESTsoft Corp.
We found out Avast detects our software and this is false positive.
I’d like to ask you to confirm this issue.
This issue was already confirmed by BitDefender, Symantec, Kaspersky and other antivirus company so far.
You can check the confirmation on VirusTotal (www.virustotal.org).

Our program name is ALZip which is an archive software.
When users have ALZip v6.7 installed on their machine and update to v7.0 beta1, AVG detects one of ALZip file as Backdoor.
You can download ALZip at the links below and test it.
ALZip v6.7: http://www.altools.com/image/ALZipv6.7.exe
ALZip v7.0 beta1: http://www.altools.com/image/ALZip.exe

For your information,
ALZip is one of our desktop utilities and you can find more information at the home page: http://www.altools.com The company, ESTsoft Corporation is one of major software development companies in Korea.
You can find out more about us at the home page: http://www.estsoft.com

Please check this false detection and confirm it.
Best regards,


Hi schbak,

Thanks for posting.

We can’t able to understand the problem exactly.
If you found that CIS detection over this files, please report us with the Detection Name & ID for the samples.
And it will be better if you upload the detected samples to us.So that we locate the issue earlier.

Thanks and Regards,

I use Alzip 7Beta and it is currently not showing as a fp.