False notification of new version availability: Summary screen, Highlights box

The Highlights box on the Summary screen reports there’s a new version available for download. However, when I check to see what version is available, I find the latest version is installed according to the About link on the Miscellaneous screen.

I am running 3.13 in Vista Spack 2 on a Thinkpad SL400, and this has gone on for many months, many prior versions.

How do I resolve this false positive?

Thank you in advance for sharing your hard earned experience.

Hi K7,

What’s your setup? CIS full install AV/FW/D+ or just FW/D+
Can you post a screenshot of this?

Hi Ronny I’m heaving the problem speciefied by K7 since the 3.12 release. It’s a complete installation on a Vista Home Premum SP 2 (Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 2.1 GHz) machine. Everything else is working perfectly.

Here goes a screenshot of the CIS 3.13.126709.581:

Ps.: Clicking the arrows at the bottom right part of the highlight box didn’t cause any change.

Ahh now i get it, please check this.

Go to [b]c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security[/b] and check to see if you have the file cisinfo.ini present, if so create a copy and please upload it here (preferably zipped).

If you open this file it will probably contain this text that “there is a new version available” they probably forgot to update the ini file after the upgrade…

You can mark this as a “false notification” if your Misc, About shows 3.13.x.581

Ok Ronny, there is a cisinfo.ini, but it seems updated to me, so it is a “false notification” once my version is the latest ;D. Anyway here it is: cisinfo.ini.

Well, thanks in advance for trying to understand that.

It’s not in this file, do you have more .ini files in that folder by any chance?

And can you also check c:\users<userid>\appdata\local\virtualstore\program files\comodo\comodo internet security

Vista uses VirtualStore and it could be the file is also present there with different data in it…

Well in the program files folder there isn’t any other *.ini files, but in the other folder you’ve mentioned, there is a cisinfo.ini that seems to contain the “false notification”. Here it is.

Hope this helps.

Bingo, please remove the version on the virtualstore and reboot, this should fix your “FP”.

Excellent, problem completely resolved.
Thank you very much Ronny!