False Negative

This mallware passed: VirusTotal
while using default settings on Comodo with vir. db. v. 992. That file was downloaded in Windows folder, Defense+ didn’t prompted me.

I got to it while testing CIS by accessing a link in IE6. It was disguised as a codec. The mallware modified IEs Proxy server for LAN, as a result IE was useless (and all apps that use IE’s setting for proxy srv.). I’ve submitted the file to Comodo. I hope the AV part of CIS will improve soon, as I really like this product.

Did you submit via malwaresubmit@avlab.comodo.com ?
If yes, can you please PM email id you used to send file?


Sorry for the late reply. I just used the “Submit Suspicious Files” under “Miscellaneous”. I am not concerned about virus signatures but more about the fact that Defense+ said nothing.

Hi cicom3nd3z,

Detection was added and you can check with the latest base version 1005.