False Cloud Scanner?

I only have the Firewall installed, not CIS

Every time I boot up, I get a box showing Comodo Cloud Scanner has detected a threat.

But I don’t have the Cloud Scanner installed

So, what’s going on here? Am I getting spoofed?

TW, the threat is Trojandropper32, now also .Heuristics.

Even when you don’t have the AV installed you will get alerts from the cloud. Comodo sees this an extra to keep the user more secure. Comodo’s logic is that the cloud look up gets done anyway so why not tell the user the cloud av found a virus.

Can you post the exact names of the alerts and for what files they are for?


Location - programfiles\hpq\defaultsettings\cpqset.exe


Location - program files\onlineservices\msn90\msnusii.exe

Can you send this file to Virus Total and see what it says? Can you also post the link to the report page at Virus Total?

What program is this? Is it a program you have installed yourself?


Location - program files\onlineservices\msn90\msnusii.exe

This looks like an older version of MSN/Live Messenger? Is it? Did you install it yourself? This could be a false positive. What does Virus Total say about this file?


In both cases, I went into program files and checked as best I can.

Both programs were preinstalled on my HP laptop.

When I clicked on the files, the Cloud Scanner appeared, so I asked it to clean them.

What and where is Virus Total?

Virus Total is a website where you can have files analysed by approx 40 scanners to see if something could be malware.

I’ll send them to Virus Total if they reappear

Just one thing, since the scanner is working in the cloud, it won’t be clashing with my installed AV program, Avira, will it?

I am not expecting it to clash with Avira. You may end up with two engines detecting it and that may give a double amount of alerts to answer. Years ago I used to have two on access av scanners I would sometimes end up having to answer to both of them … ;_