false alarms


I don’t like things happening behind my back, so I have configured CPF to ask on every connection attempt. The problem I’m having now is, that when downloading with uTorrent and try to connect to somewhere with internet explorer (I use opera, so I want IE blocked), I get this false alarm:


At this point, when I deny access to IE, uTorrent stops working. Same happens for example with wm_setup.exe (windows media player updater) and maybe other applications - CPF thinks that wmsetup is trying to use uTorrent for connection (I’m sure this ain’t truth)

I’d like to decide to block wm_setup, iexplore etc, as whole application (or to some ip/ports), but when CPF thinks they are trying to hide behind uTorrent, I don’t know how to make it. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with uTorrent, but my previous firewall recognized both iexplore and wm_setup correctly as “genuine” originators of connection.

Thank you in advance for reply.

The popups can be confusing sometimes… ???
If i press a link in Thunderbird to open it in Firefox, the popup can ask if my mousedriver (setpoint)can be a parent for Thunderbird…
It can sometimes be like that because it feels like CPF “remembers” some things from a while back…
A fast fix for that, is to allow without remembering, if you are insecure. If you know it’s not a dangerous program, you can allow it at least once.
You have to wait until a staff/moderator/smart member, comes along to give you some more help.

About your other questions.
For Windows media player, i think there is an tutorial in FAQ’s.
For uTorrent you don’t say if you have created a Network monitor rule for the port it uses (sometimes nessesary), or what kind of Application monitor rule you have.

Thank you for fast reply. My problem is that I want to block wm_setup, because I think it is going to report my whole playlist to microsoft ::slight_smile:

I use media player classic (third party) with ffdshow codecs, so all I need is mediaplayer blocked too :wink: Thanks for tip, but I think I don’t need it.

The only rule I have created was in applications - for utorrent.exe allow both TCP and UDP in and out. uTorrent uses many ports, so it might be kind of nightmare to specify each port or range ???

Thank you for replies anyway, I hope someone will supply me with other tips (:WAV)

First about WMP…
You can go to options in WMP and uncheck “search the internet for info… bla…bla…” There may be more than one place to uncheck…
You can then go to Application monitor in CPF, and ADD a rule for setup_wm, just set it to BLOCK. Do the same for other .exe that you want to block.

In uTorrent there is probably a specified port in settings somewhere. I know it uses a lot of ports as my Azureus does… but there is one port in settings you could make a IN rule in Network monitor for, if you have problems with downloading.

Yes, I know, but even when I do uncheck all the boxes everywhere, WMP will still try to make connections. Even xp-antispy won’t block it I think. M$ is hungry for “anonymous usage staistics” :smiley:

I will try it. However it would be much more cosy to do it somehow from the initial popup.

I think you mean listening port. Yes, that’s there. But when I press deny on the initial question “some app wants to missuse utorrent”, it will deny whole utorrent.exe, no matter if it is has port enabled or not.

Whenever this happens, I have to answer deny, close utorrent and run it again :frowning: