Fallout 4 from Steam false positive

Comodo antivirus, and firewall both blocked fallout 4, downloaded from Steam. Virus total shows 3/61 for fallout4.exe with an MD5 hash of fc37c57feb692d709e4631c399dbff26

Odd that the antivirus acted at all, because VirusScope is supposed to be disabled. I have Avast free installed. should I disable the option to check for codeshell injections? (Could this be why the antivirus acted?)

First report the false positive here using this post as a guide. Second viruscope is independent from the AV so even if it is disabled, it wouldn’t affect AV detection. Third no leave detect shellcode injections enabled. If you’re using a different anti-virus then you should disable the realtime AV of CIS. Finally use the unblock applications task to unblock fallout4.exe.

oh… I thought VirusScope was the antivirus built into CIS. If that’s not it, then how do I disable the antivirus, and everything else, but the firewall? I really only wanted the two-way firewall feature to be active. That much is already customized.

Edit: When I downloaded, I chose the free firewall. According to the attached screenshot, I don’t even have Comodo’s Antivirus installed.

How Viruscope works

you should also check

Then it was the cloud detection which happens when you have detect unwanted applications enabled in the file rating settings. So when you go to run an application, CFW does an online lookup of its file rating and if found malicious you will get a cloud av alert.

In order to simplify things a bit for myself, I think I’ll just uninstall my other AV, and give the whole CIS free package a try, and see if i like the results. Thanks for the help!