fake or malformed packets on bearshare

hey i have been using this amazing firewall for a while now which before i had xp firewall and sometimes when im on bearshare especially when i download a file i get some messages saying
blocked by protocol analysis fake or malformed packets or udp packets fake ip packets and i am wondering what this all means because i heard it can possibly be a Dos attack which causes
computers to crash and i need some info on what this all means.


bearshare uses the UDP-based “Gnutella protocol”.
Comodos advanced detection-settings doesn’t seem to like UDP-based p2p much
but there is a workaround :(btw : I don’t blame Comodo for this : UDP-based peer to peer can be quite messy…)
in application-monitor find the entry for bearshare, right-click it and select edit, then go to “miscellaneous” and check “allow invisible connection-attempts” and “skip advanced security checks” .

You might also want to read this about Bearshare, especially if you live in the US :

hey thanks so you are saying this is just normal traffic and the firewall is just tripping out
also bearshare does say they have there own kind of security in the program to make sure
no one can attack u or do a dos attack but i know i have to scan the files i download, also
i live in canada and downloading music is legal so only uploading is illegal.