Fake FBI Ransomware

I keep seeing this virus on computers all over the place, it basically locks up your computer and displays a page that tells you to pay a fine of $300 via MoneyPack to the FBI for having Child ■■■■■■■■■■■ on your computer.

This one was supposed to be a Flash Player update thus the name.

The easiest way to remove it, is to boot a Live CD of Linux and delete the folder it makes in your AppData.

[Moderator edit: Link to live malware removed].

Have fun with this one… <3

Wow, Right after I posted this, it seemed to be added to the Database. Now to remove it from my test machine.

Posting links to live malware is against forum policy. - see section 8, subsection 7.

Please do not post links to live malware.

How was that “Live” it was Zipped…


Do not post any link to malware.

The link you provided could have infected a curious novice, thus it has the potentional to infect, and is considered live.
Whether you consider it live or not, is irrelevant.

Posting links to malware is not permitted.
Please read the forum policy carefully.

Thank you,

I’m just wondering, how can you test the malware if it’s not linked? =S I don’t understand that, obviously it has been working this far but I just don’t understand it…

Quite easy you PM the poster for a link :slight_smile:

But you do not post Malware on the open forum this is a security forum not a malware forum.

There are Private boards on the forum for this purpose.


Oh… That makes sense. ^-^‘’