Fake AV From The Internet (Help Me Plz ?)


Recently when i want to conneted to the internet a page from Internet Explorer runs or opens
an unusual and my system greatly reduce the speed although if i open the Internet Explorer or not!!!

Note: yesterday i scanned the whole system complete and nothing found!

Help me to kill or remove the ■■■■ fake av from my PC please ?

Best Regrads

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

I suggest you download malwarebytes, update it and run in safe mode (by pressing F8 after your computers logo)

Valentin N

Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand your first post.

What specifically makes you think that your computer is infected with a fake AV?
Also, which program did you scan with?


At the very least check your dns settings

Click on START | RUN and type CMD in the Open: field, then click OK. This will open a black command prompt window.

At the prompt type: ipconfig /all

This will show you lots of information about your network connection. Find the line that says “DNS Servers

When i was working on the Internet, automatically a pages open suddenly and started to scan
and at the same time extremely it reduce my internet connection speed and my system speed
and it was not closed untill i shut it down from Task Manager.

Your 2nd question … Also, which program did you scan with ?
Panda Internet Security 2011 and Comodo Internet Security Premium

Your way dosen’t work!!! Tell me that how could it be useful this method ?


You should scan with MBAM (as Valentin said) or any other antispyware/antimalware scanner (SUPERAntiSpyware and Hitman Pro are some of the best ones), but not with security suite. CCE could also help here. After you remove all the malware these scanners found, post here HiJackThis log.

I came back with good news that i have fund the image of the
program that automatically start and was problematic for me :cry: >:(


I hope ya can help me better 88)

I have looked it and you look infected

I am not sure if everyone can see the pic but here to see it.

could you scan with Malwarebytes? if you can’t do anything go to a friend and download CCE, update it and put it on a usb stick. Now start in safe mode and scan with CCE.

Valentin N

Yes of-course but nothings fund about Fake Online AV unfortunately :-[

try CCE. look what I wrote in my previous post. In the worst case you need to reinstall Xp.

Have you scanned with Superantispyware and hitmanpro?


CCE is a freeware ?

yes. here you go https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-cleaning-essentials-cce-killswitch-cce/comodo-cleaning-essentials-1417788949-rc1-ready-t68674.0.html

Do you get this each time you go online. This looks to me like a fake scanning page that will prompt you to download something.

Do you notice problems even when you’re not online?

Yes i get this when i’m online but this most will happen
when i surfing any pages in internet.

In offline mode all is ok for me and my PC! lol

This is some pretty nasty thing.
Does none of the on-demand scanners can not remove it?

Unfortunately Yes (:SAD)

Have you scanned with Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and SuperAntiSpyware?

If not then please try these and see what they find.

Only with Malwarebytes and nothing fund about it :embarassed:

Could ya ask Melih to remote on my system and remove it if possible ???

If you like you can install GeekBuddy. There is a 60 day free trial available here.

This way they can remotely connect to your computer and hopefully figure out what is going on.

Who will do it ?

Can i determine that person do ?