Fake antivirus not detected

Hello while visiting an legal webpage an another site where opened and comes with an popup-screen if i would to download an file called winpack_av2011.exe it will believe me some critical files where infected and must be removed by this fake antivirus.

Why doens’t Comodo alert me for this download it is an fake antivirus that Windows destroys so i have too decided to kill that download i was unable to save the file for analysis because mine real-time antispyware was blocking the download and i was unable to shutdown the antispyware. If the fake antivirus is coming again i will download it and send it to Comodo this is not the first time that Comodo fails to detect this month at least 6 unwanted software items are not detected it is too much. :-TD

Can you post a broken link to that legal site (I mean, hxxp:// etc.)?
You can send it by IM if you prefer. I just want to check if the site is really clean.
What do you mean by “fails to detect”? Doesn’t your Comodo Defense+ alerted you about the software? Which is your Comodo version?

Hello the site i was visiting was www.luchtvaartnieuws.nl an airliners-site for news and any other info, Defense + was not alerting me the version i use is Comodo Internet Security Premium Version 5.4.189822.1355: 10 May, 2011. Antivirus is up to date and is running as Statefull so i don’t know what is happening i have tried many times to visit the site again in the hope the pop-up was coming so i can send the file to you but despite. The fake antivirus leads to www.techie.com an unsafe site.

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flyingtux, broke the links! Add spaces w w w . or between the d . o . t . s

I went to the site but nothing happened with Opera Next or IE 9. What browser are you using on what Windows platform?

I was using Internet Explorer 8.0 on Windows Vista Premium 64 bits fully patched and fully up to date.