Failure to Delete folders on backup system

Dear All,

Just new to the world of comodo but getting into it fast .

I am a very experienced user but cannot find an answer to my problem .

I am using Comodo backup (and trying to get off smartsyncpro).

One thing that is really irritating me is the following ;

When i backup my system it copies the files and creates folders where they dont exist on my backup network drive .

If i subsequently delete the source folder it will delete the files perfectly on the network backup drive but will not delete the folder even though it does not exist on host system .

I have tried this in 2 backup modes ie

Backup Mode - Copy with deleting other than source files

Backup Mode - Synchronisation

This is a most essential part of a backup programmme as it could leave orphan folders all over the backup.

Am i missing something plse help as it is driving me up the wall

As far as I know, this is a known bug. I have/still do experience this. You can see on the help board and bug thread that many others have posted the same thing. We don’t know when it will be fixed; I guess you could say that the future of COMODO Backup is still a bit unknown.