Failure to Connect to Client Security Solution -- Lenovo Thinkpad T61p

There was a problem previously noted by a user about the ThinkVantage Client Security Solution not connecting properly. This was resolved when the user updated to version of the Comodo Firewall. However, this has not solved the identical issue on my machine.

Additional Information: I am running Windows XP Pro 32 bit SP2
Processor: Core2Duo
Occurrence: Occurs on system boot after user login.
Anti-Virus Software: ESET NOD 32 Antivirus (no additional firewall)
NOTE: Uninstallation of COMODO resulted in resolution to the problem, however, the problem resumed with the re-installation of COMODO. Repair of Client Security Solution, as well as uninstallation and re-installation have been attempted, and problem still exists.
Client Security Solution Version: 8.x
Firewall setting: Safe mode
Defense+ setting: CleanPC mode
NOTE: Administrator account is being used.

This problem does not cause system instability, but does prevent the use of the think pad security encryption chip.

Thanks for your help!

Exact same problem except T60p and using Symantec Anti virus.

I have removed Comodo for now. I will reinstall it when the issue has been fixed.

I should add that creating rules for D+ and the firewall do nothing. Disabling D+ and the firewall do nothing. Checking the box to completely disable D+ does nothing.

Only removal of Comodo reactivates the chip.

Just confirming that this is definitely an issue that was introduced with the latest update Everything was working fine until I did this update yesterday. Now I am receiving an error on bootup that the client security solution isn’t working…

I’ve got a Lenovo R61

I have same problem ;).

I’ve got a ThinkPad Z61t.

I have a thinkpad R40 with win xp sp3 and have the same issue with comodo firewall pro with program protection. I cannot access log-in, the system tries to access secure login screen an hangs trying to check security chip status. This worked fine with win xp sp2 and comodo. I formatted drive and reinstalled all along with winxp sp3 and now I had to get to safe mode and uninstall comodo. I tried creating lenovo as safe vendor as well as all lenovo files as safe files but still not able to login.

This is to correct my last comment within my already closed task with the same reported problem, dtd. May 25: The failure is NOT solved after installation of CFP version 3.024.368. Today the failure notification comes up again, changing NOTHING on the PC since my last statement. It´s really magic???

I may have fixed mine… welll I didn’t get the error this time that I rebooted… I think the way I fixed this problem was by going into the defense+ settings, selecting My Pending Files, selecting Move to, and selecting My Own Safe Files. It’s a little drastic, but I’m pretty sure everything on my list was safe…

You could try and move everything with this path to the My Own Safe Files and see if that solves the problem

C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Client Security Solution\

All I do know is that with the latest reboot I did not get any error message… I also added Lenovo into my trusted software vendors, but I noticed that some of the files in the above path do not have Lenovo as the vendor, some say IBM, some are blank, and some are a third party…

anyways good luck

Ok it’s definitely not fixed…I must have subconciously closed the error window without paying attention (it’s become like second nature) there is definitely some conflict between Comodo and the client security solution.

I concur with the other bug reports that closing Comodo does not resolve this problem either. It looks like even after you close Comodo the cmdagent.exe is still running, and there is a service called COMODO firewall pro helper service that continue to run as a service which can not be stopped… there is likely a conflict between the security solution and one of these two things.

I’ve a lenovo R60 an I have the same problem. Only uninstalling the comodo firewall ( solves the problem at startup.

best regards