Failure during setup-Now cannot acess internet-HELP PLEASE!!!!!!

I was installing the latest version of Comodo Firewall.
During installation there was a power failure and thereafter when i am starting the system, i was getting error that comodo could not load. I was also unable to access the internet as the comodo was blocking the internet.
I tried to run the cis_setup which i had saved in my desktop, but when i asked it to add/uninstall components, nothing happens.
I then physically deleted the comodo folder from the program files and restarted my computer
Again i tried to run the CIS_setup, but i am still getting the message that Comodo already installed and when i try to add/unistall nothing happens.

My internet access in the desktop is still blocked. I am posting this message from my laptop

Please advise how to get out of the situation. I am at my wits end

Just a thought, it may be worth re-booting twice, then download the firewall to your desktop and run it from there. If you have removed the previous firewall it should be ok.

Usually the mods on this site are spot on and very helpful - the above is an opinion that may help but I am by no means an expert .

But good luck anyway.

Hello sk30,

If you deleted the files on disk, there are still a lot of entries left in the registry we need to get rid of some…
But you need a registry cleaner to fix this… like CCleaner

Are you familiar with those tools ?

Have you tried restoring the system to a pre-installation attempt date?