Failing Ping Test


I use Shields UP!! To test my computer’s security from time to time, it tells me that I am failing the ping test as the firewall is responding too Shields UP!! Request, how can I configure the fire wall to be “invisible”

I also use Shields Up! and also failed the ping test. Just downloaded comodo today and checked it.
Hopefully someone will let us know what’s up.

Good evening gentle(wo)men. Welcome to the forum.

Do yous have a router?

Hi Soya,

I do have a router, I don’t know if you know of Sky, but I signed up with their max package, I only have the one desktop, and do not plan on having a laptop or using the wifi facility that comes with the package.


morning folks. same thing happens to me. behind a router. it’s pinging your router. that’s my understanding anyhow. have a good day. frank.

Frank’s right. These sites will always scan your router’s IP instead of your computer’s IP. You can perform a test by a direct connection with modem to your computer and re-test and see what happens because by default CFP already blocks the pings.