failed with code 54

My backup to a shared network drive failed half way through with this mystery error code.

failed with code 54

Would help if you posted a matrix explaining what the error codes mean as it would help to flush out user issues vs bugs unless these are only codes related to bugs.

Any insight on this code would be appreciated.


This means that there isn’t enough disk space to continue.


Thanks, I eventually figured it out.

One other issue I noticed is the time zone is messed up on the email notifications or the scheduled jobs where it’s using UTC to define the job insted of the computers local time.

For example I set up a schedule to back up at 2:30 a.m. EST but the job ran at 9:30 pm

I live in Ottawa, Canada UTC -5, the email header looked a bit odd as well, note where it has ±5-01 on the date line.

FROM: Comodo BackUp 2.1.118414.11
Subject: Backup Notification
DATE: Tuesday, 05 January 2010 02:56:37 ±05-01
X-Mailer: Comodo