Failed updates. The system cannot find the file specified.

Due to a bug in the recent update V5.4, updates have been suspended until the bug has been resolved.
This is expected to happen Monday the 9th May. I hope this helps explain your failed updates.
Kind regards.

it would be better to make that the message, not the current one about not finding the file specified, causing people to think that there is some sort of error happening, having them waste time coming to website to resolve the problem.

Sorry the message is unclear when you check for updates. The system would be told an update is available, but then it can’t find the update file due to it being suspended. Considering that Comodo is planning to resolve this bug quickly, I guess suspend is quicker than removal of update from their end. Sorry for any inconvienence this has caused. Kind regards.

I still get this message (in 5.3) when I check for new version.
Is there still a bug in the next version?

I have no problem with the latest version.

A member explained here why it was happening, it appears the updater was look for a non existing file.

No reply by any Staff member as to why :frowning:


as to here;msg519217#msg519217 there IS a SERIOUS bug.

Do you have this update issue too?
And as I understand right this is not software problem but update problem on the update server, correct?

You can’t be serious. I see reports of this problem going back to May 7, and it is now June 4. This is still an active problem? I have been receiving the same message as well. Whatever could go so wrong that tthis problem would still not be resolved?

When it says it cannot find the file one could try to move the mentioned file from the repair folder to the main folder of the CIS installation.

What do you mean with that? Which is the mentioned file? Which is the repair folder? And why repair folder… I did not repair

The user will get an alert that file with name blabla.exe cannot be found.

I was thinking out loud wondering if moving that file from the repair folder to the main folder could help to workaround the issue.

That would be possible if the installer actually mentioned any file, but “The system cannot find the file specified.” is as specific as it gets. There is nothing else in the message.

I experienced the same message, Eric. Adam is quite correct with this.
The posted workaround seems to be and effective resolve

My colleague Dennis2 found a solution where copying cfpupdat.exe to the CIS installation folder helped to overcome the problem. The file can be downloaded from here.

Could this file fix the forever “copying cfp.exe” error too? I’m getting this now and nobody seems to know how to fix since I have no replies to my topic :frowning:

I would say it never hurts to try. When you copy the cfpupdat.exe please rename the old one to cfpupdat.bak in case you need it again.

I have the same problem with CIS 5.5 (appeared yesterday, October 19).
I’ve installed the newest CIS 5.8 on top of this, but the problem still remains.

Can anyone help me with this, plz?

“Checking for updates…
The system cannot find the file specified.”

Just got this error with CIS 5.9 ???

Try the following. Go to the installation folder of CIS and copy the file from the repair folder to the main folder of CIS. Then try again.

Thanks for the tip. I did not try this yet but will the next it happens. The updates are working on their own since today’s 5.9.221665.2197 auto update. :slight_smile:

What file does it say it is missing?