Failed to update the virus signature database

I stayed in 6222 to the present, and has been unable to update the virus database, in addition to the original program that CIS V5 can not be downloaded estimated to be something wrong with the server, so take a look to say it

Of course, we need a master of English language:


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Looks like it is back again here. I am in Europe (NL).

I cannot update the virus database with the comodo IS Premium v5.0.163652.1142 and VSDV:6277 .
It still popups “fail to update… ,please check my internet or try later.” I have no idea whether it is my problem that results in this or not mine ???.
Thanks. :smiley:

yeah can not update virus definitions in Canada either. tells me to check internet connection but it will look for program updates just fine…even tells me the program is up to date just not the definitions. :o
must be something with the comodo update server.

Hello guys! I also need help :frowning:
CIS 5 won’t update in here too. I’m currently in the Philippines. Diagnostics and Reinstall didn’t fixed the problem. Thanks.

I have same problem…had it a couple days back…guess when this thread was started and now again. Never had this problem with Version 4. This just started for me after Friday when I upgraded to Version 5. I hope thats all it is but sure wish an Announcement would be posted so we dont pull our hair out trying to figure whats gone wrong in our machines. In Canada here.

Awaiting a response. Thank you

Updated now to VD _ 6281…so guess things are working again!