Failed to Quarantine Maleware

I am a newer user to Comodo. I switched because Avast just didn’t seem to be doing much. When I started up Comodo full computer scan, it detected…

C:\WINDOWS\extract.exe | UnclassifiedMaleware… | Quarantine | Failure

C:\WINDOWS\extract.exe|UPX|Usfx|Desktoptoolbar.dsk | UnclassifiedMaleware | Detect | Successs

C:\WINDOWS\extract.exe | UnclassifiedMaleware | Quarantine | Failure

C:\WINDOWS\extract.exe|UPX|Usfx|$10 Internet, 30 Days Free.url.dsk | Unclassified Maleware | Detect | Success

But I can’t do anything. I can’t go get the maleware because it keeps saying it failed or is having problems. Nothing was deleted or taken care of. Just detected and failed upon.

I would be sincerely grateful for some assistance.

Extract.exe is a system file which would be in use by windows.
This file may have been patched.
Could you type sfc /scannow in CMD (or RUN in XP) and see if it reports anything.

Was anything else detected by CIS?

Also, can you please follow the advice I gave in this post and let me know if there are unknown processes running on your computer?