failed test

after recently installing CFW v3 I completed the gibson research corp. shields up test and although passing on everything else it failed the ports test because port 80 was open and not in stealth mode, it also failed the ping test, can anyone help me to stealth all my ports or do I have a problem in my own system? any response please put it in simple terms as I am only starting out in this area of computing. thank you very much.

Before taking this particular test, be sure to have you’re “Hardware Firewall” properly configured. If you’re not sure you have a Firewall, Check the manufactures site or contact them. It would help alot if we know or don’t know you have a Hardware Firewall, and it is properly configured for these particular tests.


I just posted a similar question… How does one know if the hardware (Linksys wrt54g in my case) is ‘properly configured’ in the way you mean. I’ve had it for a long time and didn’t fail the shields up test before Comodo was installed.

@bdesilva----> Put the address of the router(for Linksys normally in the address bar,this should give you the routers` menu page where you can look at what settings you have.

Unless your computers IP is in the DMZ(de-militerized zone) or there are forwarded ports the test will only be testing your router,it wouldn`t make any differance what firewall your pc had.


ok. thanks. I look there and the DMZ is under “applications and gaming.” It is Disabled. In the help it says that “enabling this option will expose your router to the internet. All ports will be accessible…” but isn’t that what Shields Up is say is already the case? Confused.