Failed Shields Up

Hi All.
Have a question here.
How do I get port 1720 closed? I tried every configuation but I still get “Failed” from Shields Up
Port 1720 Service H.323

Users running Microsoft NetMeeting may discover that port 1720 is open and exposed to the Internet. This should be regarded as something of a security danger since denial of service exploits for port 1720 and the H.323 protocol have been developed in the past and others could be discovered in the future. The best policy and practice is to only run NetMeeting when it is explicitly needed. Alternatively, a NAT router or personal firewall could be configured to keep port 1720 closed until it is needed for NetMeeting conferencing.

Any help would be great.

Hello service_guy, Are you behind a router? if so it is your router being tested and not actually CFP if you’d like to try CFP I suggest maybe connecting via modem only though many modems have firewall yours may not and you would then be able to test CFP out. Hope this helps some.

Note: Most routers let you stealth ports. like “Block all anonymous internet requests” That’s what my Linksys router has as an option and it stealths all ports and completely hides you.