Failed Shields UP test: Port 113 is closed but not stealthed [Resolved]

I went to Shields up today to see if all my ports were truly stealthed, they were not. Well, all of them but one was stealthed.

Port 113 is closed but not stealthed.

Is this a problem with just my machine or a problem for all Comodo users?

How can I fix this?


If you are behind a router then it is this that is being scanned not Comodo. In this case you would need to configure the routers firewall for this port. Comodo is still protecting you, but serves more for outbound connections rather than inbound as the router will take care of this.

However, if you connect direct to the internet can you tell us if you’ve changed any settings or added new network rules which may be causing this.


Hi Solo, are you behind a router? If so , you would likely have to “stealth” using NAT configuration. If not, what are your connections\settings?

Also, read here…



Yes, I am behind a router. I have never ever even fiddled with the routed other than to connect everything to it and turn it on.

I am not certain how to configure the router to stealth port 113 (or any port for that matter). But that is probably a question for Linksys tech support not Comodo.


That seems correct. I have a linksys as well. They will tell you the addy to type in, it will take you to the configuration and they are great about helping you. I would still suggest reading up on 113 though.


I believe the addy for linksys is:


Thanks for that Mike, the first time I did this it wouldn’t work so I had to e-mail them. I am not sure this will be the case for Solo, but if not, your suggestion should work. I do want to mention though, if it does work, leave user name blank, type in ADMIN in password box and you should be set to go.


You guys nailed it. It was my linksys router.

I created a rule in the forwarding table that routes all port 113 requests to an IP that does not exist on my network. And now I am totally stealthed.

Thank you!

You are very welcome. :wink:


That’s great Solo. Good to hear. :wink: