failed sending antispam server syncronization [Solved]

Hi @ll,
Since today I get a “failed sending antispam server syncronization” error popup window when I click on the Sync Now button in the advanced section. It did not do this yesterday.
What Server is this message referring to? My mail server or the comodo server?
Can I fix it on my side or is this a server side problem?

Thanks :ilovecomodo:

Hi Dagaz:

     'Sync' means synchronize authentication information between several computers for one account. It refers to your own email server, and no information is sent to comodo.
      if you got "failed sending antispam server syncronization" error popup window, then Comodo Antispam failed to sent sychronization e-mail to you email server. If it only happens sometime, do not worry about it. If it always happens, you need check you SMTP settings for you email account in Comodo AntiSpam. You could get the SMTP settings on in 'e-mail accounts' page of Comodo AntiSpam config window.