Failed Leak tests. What am I doing wrong?

Good People,
I’ve searched but not found the answer to why I fail 3 tests, namely,

  1. InfoSend: ICMP Test
  2. InfoSend: DNS Test,
  3. Impersonation: Coat

Settings are:
Defense+: Safe,
Firewall: Safe,
Configuration: Comodo ProActive Security

OS: Vista Ultimate, SP1 32x system

If I’ve posted this in the wrong place, I’ll gladly repost.


Do you have rules for the leaktest in D+ under Computer Security Policy?

Thanks for reply. Sorry for delay in answering. In the meantime, I’ve performed complete recover on laptop using Toshiba’s recovery partition, updated to Vista Ultimate, updated to Win 7 RC.

Problem is now different.

Appears that Comodo is not compatible with Win 7 RC. Have switched to AVG to have some protectiion.

When will Comodo be compatible with Win 7?


Hello Karl

Currently you are correct about CIS not being campatible with Windows 7

I believe Comodo will introduce Windows 7 Compatibilty when Windows 7 gets publicly realeased. Maybe before, Maybe a week or two after.

I’ll get more information for you, and report back



Many thanks for the answer.

Am looking forward to hearing when Win 7 version is available. Am even williing to suffer thru beta testing of Comodo’s Win 7 version.


Currently still on Win 7 beta, waiting for a new HD to install Win 7 RC on, and CIS works without a glitch. From reports I understand works under 7 RC as well.

Yet, Windows 7 RC has a new format for the Action Center (which contains the Security Center as well as other things) and CIS still uses the old format. So, CIS does not get recognised by Win 7 RC yet it should still work as far as I understand.


Thanks. I’ve downloaded the latest Comodo beta and am preparing to install. Bad Frogger has been of great assistance with links and install advice.

I’m well-pleased with the Win 7 RC. A big improvement over the Win 7 Beta.

Here’s an interesting link re some interesting capabilities and features of Win 7 RC:

thanks again,