Failed Install, Can't Start Computer CD Rom Boot Priority No Medium

I recently tried to install Comodo Time Machine, but the install hung up on me and I had to force quit it. On reboot a comodo screen popped up saying it was installing but it got to 85% and stopped then it opened to a screen saying CD Rom Boot Priority No Medium. Now every time I turn on my computer I get this message and I have no clue what to do, some one please help me.

Im on a G71gx Asus laptop with vista 64 if it matters.

SOLVED if any one was having a similar problem as mine I used this guide to create a vista recovery CD then on start up with the CD went to repair (hit next even though vista would not show up) and used start up repair. I then uninstalled time machine once my computer was working again and voila good as new :D.

I still love Comodo, I think this was what I got for trying to fix something that wasn’t broken 88).