Failed diagnostics repair

system details: windows Xp home sp2 Admin, Lan connection, security progs installed: CAVS, Ad-aware2007 free version. Max secure spyware detector. Windows defender. (All disabled on install)

Hello In my initial install of CFP3 it said that I have McAfee firewall installed on my system. I don’t have this on my system anymore but obviously there must be some remnants left on my system. Although the diagnostic run says there is a problem with the install it does seem to be working ok (on basic firewall). So do you think I need to worry about this?
My second question is do I need Max secure spyware detector anymore? the reason I ask this is because the two progs seem to conflict with each other when I try to use Defence+ mode.
Thanks in advance for any help.

having max onboard will not hurt, unless there is some sort of compatability issue, sometimes after uninstallig programs there are remnants, i had sunbelt counterspy before and removed but windows reports its still there (not on but there)

It is useful to have a residential virus and spyware scanner. The HIPS of Comode, and others, is always an addition to those.

I would recommend to read this pls.

I believe V3 should be your first line of defense and use AV only when you are executing something that you don’t know, until then just v3 will be just fine…


You can probably use these instructions to remove remnants of McAfee.;msg103575

Thanks I’ll have a mooch around (although as mentioned earlier CFP does seem to be working ok)

Regarding Max secure SD it’s ok with CFP when it is basic firewall. It is only when I try to switch to D+ that it doesn’t like it. Max flags up win\sys32\guard32.dll is trying to access the memory…I click on allow this but when I do a spyware scan afterwards it flags up a HIGH risk warning about guard32 and says there is a trojan.Applnit_dlls. I know this is a false + and have sent log to Max but still not fixed problem. Also defence+ blocks Max from scanning memory even though I add it to safe apps. So it seems these two progs don’t like each other hey :slight_smile:
The basic fw and Max and cavs beta seem to be doing the job just fine at the moment anyway. So I suppose as the saying goes “if it aint broke don’t fix it” ;D
Thx guys :slight_smile: