failed awft test 2


I just discovered and installed this firewall (so using latest version) and I tried the awft test, and it passed all of them (with rebooting in between) except n°2, which is surprising. I haven’t made many settings changes, and have been back through them all to make sure I hadn’t done anything wrong.
All the application hijacking and dll injection tests check out fine, so what could be the problem?

Also, I noticed the first default rule in network monitor is to allow all outgoing tcp/upd traffic. Isn’t that dangerous?

By default, it isn’t dangerous because only programs allowed in Application Monitor and CFP’s safelist is allowed all outgoing TCP/UDP. So it has to go through AppMon first.

Ahhh, I see, makes more sense…

However, I uninstalled/reinstalled the firewall (pity I couldn’t find a reset button) and now it passed the second awft test, odd.
However, (and checking the settings everything was reset), currently trillian (instant messaging programme) is connected to the net, but the firewall never asked me if I wanted it to, and there’s absolutely nothing in the settings (namely application monitor) that refers to trillian.
Odd behaviour…

Trillian’s on the safelist:,7037.0.html,7588.0.html

Ahhh, thanks! Makes sense!
However, I ought to have mentioned that I had to give access to msn, firefox and IE, I would have thought they’d be in there too… ???

Yes, they should be in there. This shouldn’t be necessary, but go to Security > Tasks > Wizards > Scan for known applications. If you want be sure you can upload a screenshot of your AppMon rules. I’m just wondering if they have different parent applications loading them. For example, uTorrent is on the safelist, but I still have 2 AppMon rules because Opera (not on the safelist) is the parent app (one of the ways I start uTorrent) in addition to the default Windows shell, explorer.exe (which is of course on the safelist).

I did a scan, and it added opera and outlook but not thunderbird for instance. And no, there aren’t multiple instances for different parents, the parents for firefox, IE, msn and thunderbird all being explorer.exe when I had to grant them access… It’s most odd really, but looks like I pass the firewall tests, so I’ll leave it at that… I might give the beta a try, I appear to be good at producing bugs :-
(I finally had to give up sygate because of bugs appearing, Jetico just wouldn’t allow me to get streaming video from my modem (I have an IPTV service over DSL, the modem will allow direct streaming over the network of the tv channels), but I got it working with Comodo - I also produce bugs on anything from my apple iBook to my windows mobile phone… Real bugs I mean, not user config probs, although those do happen too of course, I just view it as a good learning experience :wink: ).

Anyway, thanks for your help. If I go for the beta, I’ll take more care to note down any odd behaviour and keep track of my config :slight_smile: