failed Auditmy pc test

I used to use sygate firewall and never failed any firewall tests, but I thought that I would try this firewall and I am I have been running it for about two weeks and when I look at my local area network( little computer guy on task back) it is flashing allot ( with sygate firewall I never seen it flash)
SO I went to the AUdit my pc website and did a port scan of ports from 1-2500 the test only had to go to port 135 and it failed as you can see below

Type Port Services, Programs and Trojans that are commonly found to be running on this port.

tcp 135 DCE endpoint resolution. Common on Unix hosts for certain x-displays; remote perfmon; etc.
I m wondering why this is and how can I fix this I had also failed the Anonymous Surfings test which on the map pretty much show my place where I live does this firewall actually work because it seems to me it isn’t doing its job. what am I doing wrong?

With online tests, any hardware between your computer and the test site is what is being scanned. In other words, if you have a router, the router is being scanned. A number of ISPs also provide hardware on their end (especially cable, it seems) that acts in this same manner.

CFP does not control your ports, but it does control access to your ports. Unless there is a Network Monitor rule allowing some inbound connection and an allowed application in Application Monitor that ties in the the NetMon rule, along with a third layer of Advanced Analysis, no connection will be allowed. By default (under an Automatic install, rather than Manual) this is accomplished.