Fail installing steam service Help!!

Hi, i’m trying to install a service in win xp and i get a message that my firewall its “blocking the process”
I try to install the service reinstalling (and repairing in ad/remove programs) the program and even with “cmd window” command but nothing always get this :

Failed to poke open firewall Steam Client Service install completed

Its seems that the firewall its blocking the install process??? and the service its not installed ???

win xp SP 2/ 32

Thanks in advance

I would delete all the current rules for Steam in both the firewall and D+. Then, put the Firewall and D+ in training mode and try again to install Steam. Don’t forget to put the settings back to your preferred ones after the installation and setup is completed.

You have to go past the menu for a game like Team Fortress. You have to actually connect to a server and start playing the game. Then exit the game and Steam and put D+ back to Clean PC (I find safe too aggressive) and the Firewall to safe.

I just delete all the pending files. They never come back unless updated versions come along. If I wasn’t alerted by them,they should be fine. Safe mode has caused me problems before and I won’t go near paranoid.