Fail download telemetry config (hr=0x80070002)

I keep getting this on the shutdowns in the logs. Reading I found something in a thread dated Nov 2017, but really no answer on how to make this stop. I read why it was occurring, but need a fix.


Update: forgot. Comodo Firewall only (free) version Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. This started on the new version, on the previous version I was not running in to this issue. I looked at some settings from my other computers that have and they seem the same unless I missed something. Anyways, just trying to figure out, thanks

I have the same errors in my EventViewer:

OS: Windows 8.1 x64 and CIS version

I am not noticing this with 6514 RC on Win 10 Insider 17101.

Could people running 6514 RC check Event Viewer and see if they have this error.

Nothing like that with the RC on Win10 Prox64 1709 (16299.214) after Shutdowns and re-starts

What I do get (which I’d expect) is the warning failure for the Update Fail for the RC with the Recognizer / Program update

I need to correct myself. I had not looked in the right place in Event Viewer. I only have this error on 17 and 18 of February.


Now I am getting some new errors instead of the old one:

Source: cmdagent, Task Category: CloudOperations

Error HTTP request, host:, code: 2f7d
Error HTTP request, host:, code: 8

but at least the Fail download telemetry config (hr=0x80070002) is gone.

It looks like there are some server side hiccups.

I see over the past 4,5 hrs: Error HTTP request, host:, code: 2ee2.
A week ago I see: Error FTP upload, host:, code: 2eff

I haven’t used Windows 8.1 for a week so my finding are at best sketchy.

I am still seeing these errors in EventViewer from time to time:

Error HTTP request, host:, code: 2f7d
Error FTP connection, host:, code: 2ee3
Error HTTP request, host:, code: 8