facing serious problem with comdo defense +

I’m using “comodo firwall version 6” and have “Kaspsersky internet security 2013” installed .

OS : window-8

I'm facing these 2 problem when i turn on the HIPS feature of comodo firwall .

Problem no 1. With HIPS feature turned on COMODO firewall doesn’t allows the Kaspersky to start , even though i have added the Kaspsersky to the allowed programs list.

Problem no 2. As soon as I login to my window-8 account , computer screen goes black although i can see the cursor. This problem goes away after restarting the computer.

When i had a version of kaspersky and was going to test it, the first notification said:
Incompatible with comodo.

So i did not install it.

I assume that Kis is a whole package? Then you might have more than one tool for the same ■■■■■. Leads to problems.

You should read in Kis manual about compatibilities.

2 weeks back i was using comodo firwall 5x and KIS 2013 on window 7 with no problem .

what about the second problem ? Everything goes ok till the login screen but as soon as i login to my account everything goes dark ( with cursor exception ) , but the problem goes away after restarting the windows from the login screen .

If you install kaspersky after comodo, you would see that notification.
I wanted to test the antivirus.
So i kept comodo firewall and defense.
Could not proceed.

It is never recommended in general to use two things for the same procedure.
Use only one guard antivirus, one firewall etc.

I would prefer to have the choice if i want to use an antivirus with something else. But kaspersky has no interest to be “a part”. They want that you buy their product. What a coincidence that its not compatible with others :smiley:
Avast and avira who offer a good antivirus free version are compatible… another coincidence :wink:

Kaspersky didn’t list CIS or CF version 6 in the conflict programs yet only version 5 and below. But you can’t use both as they will conflict with each other such as internet security one. You can try using Kaspersky AV only with Comodo Firewall.

Edit: Install Kaspersky AV first. After Comodo.

Ok i will uninstall kaspersky . But what’s wrong with the computer graphics , why does my screen goes black ? It happens only after i turn on HIPS feature. :frowning:

That’s what you get with the conflicts… Strange things like that. I’m even surprised that your PC is still working…