could someone help me as why i would want facebook or any connection to it on comodom? just general question :slight_smile:

This is just to help others to get to know about Comodo.

the more people who know about Comodo, the more people we can protect. Many people have Facebook and its a good social platform to spread the word to other unprotected users about Comodo so that they too can enjoy the protection that Comodo offers for free!


i can understand where your coming from , but for it to pop up when im not interested in facebook , is a bit intrusive to be honest , and surley comodo stands on its own or i wouldnt be using it in the first place but thank you for your reply …:slight_smile:

Go to More → Preferences and uncheck the Enable Comodo Message Center if you do not wish to get messages such as this.

thank you HeffeD… :slight_smile:

its not really that intrusive tho just a little itty bitty box.