Facebook will not load properly

Just started today. All web pages other than Facebook load fine. Facebook will not load. I uninstalled Dragon, user profile and all, ran ccleaner, rebooted my pc, downloaded and re-installed dragon. Still having the same issue.

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I have done all of that also… and even the Ice Dragon has the same problem… what in the world is going on… just all of a sudden about 2 hours ago…???

I had to resort to IE and that I do not like… I miss my fast quick Dragon…

…go into your settings & uncheck “enable malware domain filtering (comodo secure dns)” in both CD & CID - their dns is blocking Facebook - what the hell are these guys trying to prove - I had comodo dns set in my connection properties to act system wide for all browsers - not’ny more - FB didn’t even work in IE8 - goin’ with “open dns” for good…

I would like to add that this does fix it and does seem to be the issue. I think IceDragon’s Malware sensor may be a little over sensitive right now and I hope they fix it soon. And it’s not just Facebook, but some flash game places as well.

bless u that seemed to do the trick… did that and facebook opened right up… thank you

Thank you very much, this fixed it for me as well.

Issue is now fixed, you can turn Malware Domain Filtering back on.