Facebook site not coming up please help - not a computer person - very confused


I was having trouble with Firefox hanging constantly - couldn’t fix it so I uninstalled it from my laptop. I was using Firefox, however the other users on the computer were using Internet Explorer. We could both get into Facebook, never had a problem.

NOW since I got rid of firefox, for some reason Facebook will not come up. Message said that connections were not allowed. Is this my firewall blocking it? I just reinstalled Firefox, and it’s not coming up there anymore.

I am NOT a computer person, reading all the responses on the forum confuses the heck out of me. I need simple instructions of how to get facebook up again on my laptop - my kids are dying! lol.

I appreciate your help and suggestions.


What security programs do you have installed?

So after uninstalling Firefox, it won’t load on IE (Internet Explorer) either?


P.S. I dislike Facebook, and maybe your computer does too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just have Comodo and Malwarebytes on the laptop.

I had no problem with Facebook on IE or Firefox before.

Just seems to have happened after I removed firefox.

What exactly does the message say? Is it a popup from Comodo or from Windows?

If you can post a screenshot it may be very helpful.