Facebook probs with Dragon

Hi - new here. No doubt already discussed but facebook will not play embedded clips on Dragon - please point me to a solution? Thanks…also Googlemail telling me my browser is out of date.
I love Dragon, but what the heck?

OK -you moved my post into oblivion… got any answers please?

Same problem here

Workaround for Dragon

Downgrading to Version 36.1 of Dragon and/or Chromodo Fixes the Issue.

Then Disable Automatic Updates in Settings.

I happened to have both saved in my downloads.

You can get Dragon 36.1 from here (You will need to uninstall v43 first and Remove User Profile)
Note: Sign in in settings with a Google login to save everything then sign in on 36.1 to restore everything.


Unfortunately I cannot locate a download for Comodo Chromium Secure 36.1 … the one in this forum takes you to 43.3 now :frowning: .